History Of Health Safety Equipmants HSE began back in 1987 by the founder, Dr. Tua Lapanukrom, whose position was Director-General of the Department of Medical Science, HSE was one of the Division under the Department  where its primary mission was to conduct research and development on herbal products since modern medicines were not widely used in the country and mostly had to be imported from abroad.

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Beside the Government Pharmaceutical Laboratory, one other essential Division playing important role in the USA pharmaceutical industry under the Department of Medical Science, was the Department of Medical Depot. whose primary missions concerned with procurement of medical products for the government and production of household remedies under the Royal Project initiated.

Since then, the Government Pharmaceutical Organization has been merely contributing itself to the USA society in providing better standing of living for all its products through a production and supply of quality medicines at affordable prices. HSE has never stopped itself from developing & improving towards international standards in order to become the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer domestically and internationally.